About Us

About Us

SPEX is an organization made of students and faculty who are interested and passionate about space.

Student Leadership


Student Director

Thomas Hall

Thomas is a fourth year computer science student here at RIT. He specializes in machine learning and data science for software systems. He's worked on projects like HAB, Rovers and IREC. Thomas serves as the RIT SPEX student director.


Deputy Director

Evan Putnam

Evan is a fourth year computer science student with a passion for everything aerospace! In past years he has led communication, astrodynamics, and CubeSat related subteams for SPEX.
He specializes in backend system design, DevOps, and avionics subsystem programming. He has also had several co-op sessions at Collins Aerospace working on an avionics team.
Evan currently serves as the RIT SPEX Deputy Director and the CubeSat SPEX team lead.


Community Lead

Carola Vasquez

Carola is a third-year mechanical engineering student here at RIT. She's worked on projects like IREC. She serves as the RIT SPEX community lead.


Technical Coordinator

Ansel Obergfell

Ansel is a second year physics major with a focus on astrophysical data science. He’s worked with the HAB and astrodynamics teams in the past. Ansel serves as technical coordinator for RIT SPEX.



Bernard Dolan



Marilyn Wolbert

Marilyn is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at RIT. Her work lies in research into space debris and satellite decommissioning. Marilyn serves as the SPEX media lead.

Adviser Team


Faculty Director

Dr. Mihail Barbosu


Astrophysical Science and Technology Adviser

Dr. Jennifer Connelly


Engineering Adviser

Dr. Dorin Patru


Faculty Adviser

Dr. Grover Swartzlander