About Us

About Us

SPEX Admin:

Student Director: Ben Stuhr


Ben is a fifth year Mechanical Engineering student and the current Student Director of SPEX. He is interested in aerospace engineering and macroeconomics.

Deputy Student Director: Dakota Kosiorek


Dakota is a fourth year Bioinformatics and Computational Biology major and the current Deputy Director of SPEX. He is the current project lead for BioHabitat.

Rovers Team Lead: Simon Mastroserio


Simon is a fifth year Mechanical Engineering Student with an interest in Aerospace and Manufacturing. He is currently the lead of the Rovers Team.
Treasurer and Rovers System Architect: Joey Streib


Joey is a fourth year Mechanical and Electrical Engineering double major with a passion for Space Robotics. He is currently the System Architect for the Rovers project as well as the SPEX treasurer.

VR Team Lead: Mason Wahlers


Mason is a third year Imaging Science student with an interest in virtual reality. He is currently doing research on the VR Team.

Technical Coordinator and Cube-SAT Team Lead: Max Wolbeck


Max Wolbeck is a fifth year Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering student at Rochester Institute of Technology with an interest in space exploration. He currently leads RIT's CubeSatellite Team, where he is overseeing the development of a project focused on magnetic radiation shielding. The CubeSatellite Payload is planned to launch on a BluShift rocket in 2024, marking the first time an RIT student-led team will put a payload in space.

Fundraising Chair and Cube-SAT Assistant Team Lead: Braley Lachner


Braley Lachner is an Electrical Engineering student who is responsible for clubwide fundraising and is the Cube-SAT Assistant Team Lead. He has led the Cube-SAT's physics team to design alternative proton shielding methods.
Community Lead and Cube-SAT Mechanical Lead: Sam Cashook


Sam Cashook is a third year Mechanical Engineering student who is interested in aerospace-robotics and is the Community Lead for SPEX. He also works on the Cube Satellite team as the Mechanical Lead.

IMAGINE RIT Coordinator: Tevin Hendess


Tevin is a second year Computer Engineering student. He is currently part of the VR Team and is managing the club's echibits at the IMAGINE festival.
Outgoing Director: Ryan Brown


Ryan was a Mechanical Engineering student with interest in Aerospace and Materials. He was on the Rovers Team doing Science and Mechanical Engineering. He loves soccer and animals.

Alumni Coordinator: Claire Kreisel


Claire is a third year Computer Science student with an interest in Embedded Systems. She is also the lead for the Cube-SAT Software Subteam.
Secretary and Social Media Director: Kate Romero


Kate is a second year Industrial Engineering student with an interest in Space Exploration and Aerospace Design and Systems. She is currently in the Rovers Mechanical Engineering Subteam.

Advisor Team:

Faculty Director: Dr. Mihail Barbosu


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mario Gomes