About Us

About Us

SPEX Admin:

Student Director: Ryan Brown  

Ryan is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student with interest in aerospace and materials. He is on the rovers team doing mechanical engineering.  He loves soccer and animals.    

Deputy Student Director: Ben Stuhr  

Ben is a third year Mechanical Engineering student here at RIT. He's currently a part of the Rovers and CubeSat teams. He's also had internships at Moog Inc. and at Polymer Conversions.

Marketing Coordinator: Mason Wahlers

Mason is a first year Imaging Science student with an interest in virtual reality.  He is currently doing research on the VR team.

Technical Coordinator: Max Wolbeck

Max is a third year Mechanical Engineering-Aerospace student who is interested in space exploration and habitat development. He is currently working as a member of the Cube-Satellite team, developing a Cosmic Ray deflection shield payload.

Community Lead: Joy Brown

Joy is a first year Electrical Engineering student.  She is currently working as a member of the Rovers Team. She likes to go hiking and pet dogs.

URC Rovers Team Lead: Alexander Olds

Alex is a fifth year Electrical Engineer student.  He is the lead for the URC Rovers Team. He likes FPGAs.

Secretary: Mimi Harrison

Mimi is a first year Physics major interested in Astrophysics and astrophotography. She is currently a member of the Astrodynamics, Cube-Satellite, and Rovers teams.

Alumni Coordinator: Duncan Horvath

Duncan is a first year computer science student, and a part of the CubeSat team.

Adviser Team:

Faculty Director: Dr. Mihail Barbosu

Engineering Adviser: Dr. Dorin Patru

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Grover Swartzlander