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RIT Space Exploration Fundraising

SPEX helps its members develop their technical skills through workshops and project experience. Together we develop novel technologies such as high altitude balloons, rocket nozzles, satellite payloads, and communication systems. In addition we conduct research into astronomy and astrophotography with our astrotracking team.

It is truly a wonderful opportunity to equip students with tools for success in the aerospace industry. However, providing these services to students comes at a financial cost. Creating payloads for high altitude balloons (HAB), maintaining our telescopes, and satellite development is expensive and we need your help to continue to offer this invaluable service to students. We ask you to consider a small donation to our group so we can help students reach for the stars.

Your money would be going into equipment for our astrotracking team which allows us to conduct better observational research and funding for our future projects such as HAB.



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Thomas J. Hall

Thomas J. Hall

Thomas is a second year computer science student here at RIT. He specializes in machine learning and data analytics for software systems. Thomas works on embedded software systems for HAB.

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